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Walter is Super Tyred.

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Yup, I spelled that right.

Walter has a brand new set of 6 super single tires and they look amazing on him! However, outside of North America they are known as tyres - not tires. Many of the characteristics of our EV (Expedition Vehicle) are modeled after popular off-road adventure vehicles in Australia. So, as I was researching and contacting companies and other EV enthusiasts I got used to the "alternate" spelling which, come to think of it, makes perfect sense. That way, when someone says "I'm tired" there's can really be no confusion! I suppose however, since most of my readers are from North America (for now, at least!) I'll revert back to the "tired" old way of spelling.

The more common tire rim size for an off-road vehicle like ours would be 17" rims. Our new wheels however, are a more stout commercially rated 19.5" rim. (I'll do another post about the rims soon). It was looking like I would need to go with a standard 19.5" radius commercial truck tire until I stumbled upon a social media post from All Terrain Warriors in Queensland Australia highlighting their new partnership with Founders MT Radial from Patterson, New York. These 305/70R19.5 super single tires were exactly what I was looking for! I was giddy with hopeful excitement as I spoke with the very helpful owner Dave Horton, while I learned all about these potential new shoes for our globetrotting truck. To be sure that these sneakers would be a good fit, I took the time to correspond with a recently satisfied customer from Australia who provided me with some first-hand feedback on their performance on his vehicle. Needless to say, he was quite pleased with them.

For those of you who care, here are the impressive stats on these big clogs:

  • Tire Size: 305/70R19.5

  • Max Load: 6610 lbs

  • Load Range: J

  • Max Inflation Pressure: 120 PSI

  • Ply Rating: 18 PR

  • Load Index: 146/43

  • Speed Rating: K (68mph)

And they look pretty bad-ass as well! -- I was hooked.

So what's so special about Super Single wheels anyway? Well, the main reason is to get away from the rear dualy tire set up that is common on these medium-duty trucks. Going off-road in dualys can be problematic. Rocks can get caught between the tires, and performance is limited when off-road especially in mud or sand. The amazing load ratings on the tires and wheels allow the real dual wheels to be replaced without any decrease in overall GVW. The rims are reversible, so a spare can mount on either the front or rear axle interchangeably. Additionally, with the larger diameter tires, they lower the cruising RPM of the vehicle (originally around 2900 RPM at 65mph) which in turn reduced engine strain and increases fuel efficiency. That being said, they ain't cheep, but I decided to bite the bullet and actually get 6 of them so we could travel with two spares. Along with the wheels, these shiny new cleats were our first major investment on our new traveling home. It was a bit of a watershed moment for me as I realized "we're actually doing this!" as I gave the credit card info to commit to the purchase.

I was able to pick up the delivery of Walter's new hiking boots in town and took them directly over to a commercial tire center in Missoula where the alteration was quickly performed. The team at the tire center was duly impressed with the transformation, and Walter's new found confidence turned a few heads on the drive home. From this point on, it was apparent that Walter was to be no ordinary truck.

No, this one is destined for greatness.


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