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Meet the Chids

​Hi!  We are Andy and Sherry Chidwick, aka the Chids. We are simple folk, really. Sherry is from Michigan, Andy is from California. We married in 1992 and moved to the northwest corner of the United States, then to Montana, where we raised two cool kids in a small town out in the country -- a place where the elevation exceeds the population. 

For our entire adult lives, we have scrambled, scrimped, and hustled -- making the best of difficult situations. We have spent the last many years as teachers, but when the global pandemic brought things to a screeching halt, we finally had the time to stop scrambling and examine our priorities.


After much soul-searching, we concluded that we would rather be students than teachers in our midlife years -- with the whole world as our classroom. We decided we want to discard most of our earthly possessions and travel -- slowly and simply -- basking in the beauty of creation and meeting people from all walks of life so we can learn from them. And tell stories. And eat street food. 

So we took an early retirement to focus on wrapping up our life here in Montana and finding ways to fund our travel dreams. We purchased a 2010 Mitsubishi Fuso, named it Walter, and are currently converting it into our overland exploration vehicle. With the kids grown and gone, we are ready for a long road trip down the PanAmerican Highway-- but we will do it our way, according to our values. We don't have an agenda or an end-date. We will take it as it comes. 

Are we crazy? Perhaps.​​ We are ok with that.

(To learn more of our story, click the post below.)

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