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A little time to rest...

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

It was a perfect Fall day today and the mountains were calling to us. Our intrepid

little truck Walter was eager to ramble us up a long and steep road to an overlook high above our valley. There, on a rugged outcropping perched precariously on the cliff high above Bass Creek, Sherry and I stopped for a lunch and relaxed. I mean we really stopped. Life slowed down for a few hours. The slow abiding trees were our guides as we allowed ourselves to quietly absorb our environment. Have you ever experienced that sublime moment outdoors when the sun, so gloriously warm yet not too hot, is perfectly balanced by the fresh and gentle alpine breeze? Sitting high above our troubles, we were overcome by the moment and succumbed to a surprisingly long nap on our makeshift granite bed in the wilderness.


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